⌁ DJ set for New Age Rage | Berlin Community Radio

On the air September 27 at New Age Rage at Berlin Community Radio.

Listen to it at New Age Rage at Mixcloud.

⌁ Kalabalik - Myrkfaelni - åtåmåtån

At Kalabalik Festival, Myrkfaelni magazine made one issue per day, which  is so impressive.

Day one featured an interview with me. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

⌁ ååå101: Sólveig Matthildur - Affliction/Absolution 7”

The åtåmåtån 101 release party for Sólveig Matthildur was truly magical. Thank you Sólveig, Chris Kalabalik and Kabinett.25. >♡<

Photo: Frank Nagel, Orange ‘Ear. 52 seconds live:

Teaser for Sólveig Matthildur - Absolution/Affliction 7”

⌁ Sleeves and label making

⌁ Stamp courtesy Beatkamp

⌁ åtåmåtån drone synth

Custom åtåmåtån gear! Beatkamp kindly built this dangerously excellent pentatonic drone synth for åtåmåtån. It’s truly one of a kind.

⌁ DJ sets

åtåmåtån is a new synth label based in Berlin, founded by Swedish Ella Moe. She was one of two behind the record label FlexiWave and the synth duo Colouroïd.

The focus of åtåmåtån is to release limited vinyl editions made with love and a strong visual focus in tribute to the 80’s DIY scene. Hand folded, golden, risograph printed sleeve art and hand stamped numbered labels.

As FlexiWave and Colouroïd Ella Moe has DJ:d, played live and run club nights in various settings in Berlin, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Prague, Brussels, Antwerpen, Reykjavík, Växjö and at Kernkrach Festival, Kalabalik Festival, Norberg Festival and Camp Cosmic Festival.

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